Hello to all our lovely readers and dental enthusiasts! At Smile n Glamour, Nagpur’s premier dental
clinic, we believe in educating our patients. Today, we’re diving deep into a popular treatment that’s
been making waves – teeth whitening! If you’ve been contemplating a brighter smile, here are 10
essential facts you should know about teeth whitening:

Not All Stains are Created Equal: Teeth stains can be extrinsic (on the surface) or intrinsic (deep
within the tooth). While whitening can effectively address surface stains caused by food or smoking,
intrinsic stains might require different treatments.

Professional Whitening is Safer: Over-the-counter products might promise instant results, but they
can harm your gums and enamel if misused. At Smile n Glamour, the best teeth whitening clinic in Nagpur we ensure the process is safe and tailored for you.

Results Can Vary: Everyone’s teeth are unique. Factors like your dental history, the cause of staining,
and the whitening method chosen can influence results.

Maintain to Retain: After the whitening process, it’s vital to avoid stain-causing foods and habits to
maintain that pearly white shine.

Sensitive Teeth? No Problem: With advancements in dental technology, even those with sensitive
teeth can consider teeth whitening. Just ensure you communicate any sensitivities to your dentist.

Natural Isn’t Always Better: Homemade whitening remedies, like lemon or baking soda, can erode
the enamel, leading to increased sensitivity.

Frequency Matters: Over-whitening can damage your teeth. It’s essential to consult with
professionals, like us at Smile n Glamour, to determine the frequency that’s right for your specific

Check Your Fillings: Dental restorations like fillings and crowns don’t bleach like natural teeth. If
you’re considering teeth whitening, you might also need to think about replacing old restorations to
match your newly whitened teeth.

It’s Not Permanent: Even with the best aftercare, the effects of teeth whitening aren’t permanent.
Periodic touch-ups are necessary to maintain that sparkly look.

Consultation is Key: Before diving into any treatment, especially teeth whitening, a thorough
consultation is crucial. This will help identify any potential risks and ensure the treatment is suitable
for you.
If you’re in Nagpur and contemplating teeth whitening, look no further than Smile n Glamour. As the
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I hope this blog post serves as a helpful guide for those considering teeth whitening. Remember,
dental treatments are most effective and safest when guided by professionals. Smile brightly and